Our Core Services


-Increase access to and quality of formal education.
-Enhance the quality of learning and the transition to higher education.
-Advance gender inclusivity for both boys and girls by creating learner-friendly spaces and educating students, teachers, and communities on the importance of education.
-Establish recognized non-formal education through the use of flexible delivery systems that lead to formal education, training, or employment.
-Along with literacy and basic education, provide skills training to marginalized groups in order to foster sustainable livelihoods and resilience.
-Promote a culture of literacy, learning, and reconciliation that values Somali culture and traditions and promotes peace.


-Increasing readiness and response capabilities within the community in the event of an emergency.
-Strengthening the Ministry of Health's role and capabilities.
-Improving women's, children's, and other vulnerable groups' access to healthcare.
-Improving access to health care and hospice services for the elderly, general members of the community and disabled for Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).
-Accelerate progress toward universal health coverage in Juba land territory by coordinating and aligning efforts with development partners, donors, and relief organizations.
-Capitalizing on emerging possibilities to promote primary health care in order to assist the country in meeting the Universal Health Coverage and other health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Community Development

-Ability to develop innovative solutions at a grass-roots community level.
-Improving literacy rates within the community.
-Improving basic health care access within the community.
-Increasing local economic diversity within the community.
-Using Strategic Means to Point Out and develop solutions toward community problems.
-Partnering with diverse stakeholders in exploration of sustainable ways that will improve literacy standards, ensure accessible and affordable basic healthcare.

Youth Empowerment & Mentorship Programs

Tayo Institute is a pioneer in designing initiatives for youth empowerment and mentoring. Youth empowerment fosters the development of a sense of self-worth and capacity. They become active participants and collaborators, curious about their global effect. Mentoring can aid adolescents in managing tough life transitions, such as coping to unfavorable circumstances at home or making the shift to adulthood. Close, healthy, supportive relationships between mentors and mentees that endure longer than a year are important for success.

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